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BasicQ Inc.
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Helpful Hints

BasicQ offers the entire Kirsch and Graber drapery and curtain hardware line.

Most department stores and home center only offer the most popular products in a vendors catalog and normally, from one vendor. We can do this because our distributors stock about 95 percent of what the manufacture makes. They also give us a 24 to 48 hour out the door shipping service on all items.

All the other brands BasicQ offers online are selected because they are in stock at the respective distributor, and the distributor ships in a quick 24-48 hour window. Exceptions to this is limited to custom made products. These can take from 2 to 3 days up to two weeks depending on the product.

Quantity Price Breaks

Kirsch offers price breaks on some products based on the standard package put-up. BasicQ passes the savings on to you on these items. To see what the savings are, enter the amount you need in the quantity box and add to cart. If your quantity qualifiess, the price in the cart will reflect the lower price. OK, to see the best price available, enter a large number, say 200 or what ever your needs might be, and the per unit price will show in the cart.
You can download the Kirsch catalog under the support menu and see the quantity break points on all of their drapery hardware.

How do I find the correct components for my curtain or traverse rod?

This is an organization challenge for the drapery hardware items offered on BasicQ. Use the expanded menu on the left to track down the brackets, supports,finials and other items you need. It is not perfect, but new changes are being made on an ongoing basis to improve the navigation system.
Another way to locate components for the curtain rods and Architrac drapery tracks is a partial search on the sku number of the curtain rod or track.
Example: You decide that the Architrac 9600-12-025 is the track you need. Put 9600 in the white search box at the top left and click the search button. This will show you all the components associated with that curtain rod.
Remember, this is an ongoing process and all the items may not give you the results you expect or need. In this case, call our customer service representatives toll free and they will be happy to assist you in finding the correct traverse rod slide, master carrier, brackets, end stops, cord, drapery pins or any of the other detail items you need to complete your order.
Toll-free: 800-448-0655


Returns will be accepted within 30 days of purchase for un-opend items in their original package except custom cut items and some vendors policy (see vendor statements under Support). A return charge of 15% to 25%, depending on vendor, will be deducted from the amount, not including any freight charges. The actual freight billed to BasicQ Inc. will be deducted from the credit amount. You are responsible for freight cost shipping the return back to BasicQ Inc.

Please note: Special order items, custom made items, made to measure items and curtain rods or wood poles cut to size can not be returned for credit.

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