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Standard Curtain Rods and Accessories
Traverse Rods
Wide Curtain Rods Basic Curtain Rods
Door Rods -Spring Rods Cafe Curtain Rods Arched windows, corner windows and bay windows
Curtain Rods Accessories Traverse Rods
Functional basics that do the day-in day-out duties of displaying our curtains and draperies on our windows and doors. Traverse rods with cord or baton controls are available up to 312 inches in width and come in one way draw, left or right, and center open and close options. Lock-seam or open curtain rods in single, double and triple configurations suitable for pocket curtains and valances. Continental rods come in 2 1/2 inch and 4 inch face sizes and are execellent for the tailored look you get when fabric is sheered onto the rods. Sash curtain rods work on doors with windows, like the French door. They are designed to mount close to the surface of the door on top and bottom of the glass, holding your curtains in place when the door is opened and closed. Also available are specialty rods for corner and bay windows, arched, circular or octagonal windows. A wide assortment of complimentary accessories to finish the project is available including brackets, rings, drapery pins and more.
  • Traverse Rods
  • Continental rods
  • Basic curtain rods
  • Sash and spring tension rods
  • Cafe rods
  • Corner, bay and arch window rods
  • Accessories

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